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ShapeDiver is the easiest way to present and sell customizable products online.

From design to sales and production, give your physical product a real online presence and experience the world of mass customization.

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What can you do with a ShapeDiver configurator?

Full Product Logic

Your customers always see exactly what they get, no matter how complex your product is.

Lightning-Fast Setup

Create an interactive 3D model without a single line of code. Start straight from a parametric CAD model created by your design team.

Realistic Looks

State-of-the-art rendering for products that look great and load fast on any device.

Export Production Data

Generate custom CAD models and drawings from each order on the fly, in production-ready formats.

Measure & Learn

The ShapeDiver dashboard gives you all the relevant metrics to learn from your customers and always improve the product.

AR & VR Apps

ShapeDiver models are portable to any environment for modern Augmented and Virtual Reality applications.

Steps to your 3D Product Configurator

ShapeDiver simplifies the configurator creation process down to simple steps that your team can follow.

1. Modelize

Turn your product and its logic into an intelligent CAD model that contains everything.

Get your product designer started!


2. Upload

Upload your files to ShapeDiver and let the magic begin. All the variations and features of your product at the click of a mouse!


3. Integrate

Upgrading your website or creating a new one? The ShapeDiver model will fit right in, and your web developers will get it there in no time.


4. Feedback

The ShapeDiver dashboard helps you understand how your customers interact with your product. Measure, learn and improve your offer.

5. Maintenance

Update your product’s features easily on ShapeDiver and see the changes reflected everywhere it is used.

Impress customers
Increase conversions
Erase competition

Are you ready?

By giving you total control of the design and integration phases, ShapeDiver allows you to be autonomous and budget-efficient. This way your team is able to execute parts or even all of your project at your own pace!

  • Sign up for a free account and see the results before you commit to anything.
  • Get a time-limited PRO account trial and test how easy it is to integrate our viewer into your website.
  • Price scales with the success of your business.

Build the perfect product configurator.

We provide design services to develop your ShapeDiver models, and our partners will do a fantastic job building a website around them.

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