Your sea for parametric 3D

Create and present your parametric 3D design.
Or just go dive for shapes – in an ever-growing community.


ShapeDiver is a virtual ocean full of shapes. Dive and explore an ever growing quantity of models from all kinds of categories.


Each model is made to be adjustable through parameters set by the designer. Enjoy exploring rather than just watching.


Once you're done shifting shapes, simply gaze and admire the magic of an object moving in three dimensions.

See what happens.

Go rotate the object just as in any other 3D-Viewer.
And that's just where the magic starts...

Feeling adventurous? Dive for more shapes!

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Designers, get started!

Time to get people diving, go upload your models.

No matter what you’re working on, ShapeDiver lets you easily display your parametric 3D content created in Grasshopper. You can tag or categorize your work and have your audience adjust your model to the very specs you want people to play with. Once you upload your model to our ocean of shapes, we’ll provide you with an ever-growing community that will like, share and discuss your work. You can even embed your model on your own website or blog.

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