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Explore a curated selection of companies around the world that already use ShapeDiver to build amazing online experiences.

| Furniture & Interior Design |

UNRUH Furniture | USA

From the heart of Missouri, UNRUH furniture offers a catalog of more than a hundred beautiful and durable furniture pieces. All of them are configurable using ShapeDiver.

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Shapelamp | Malta

Shapelamp manufactures custom lights specifically to the client’s requirements, combining the latest in automated rapid manufacturing and the traditional manual material processing.

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DISH | Denmark

This Danish firm created a breakthrough configurator that provides a unseen level of customization to anyone looking to design their own kitchen. Once the design is complete, their carpenters roll up their sleeves and start the production.

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Wood-Skin | Italy

Wood-Skin is disrupting the furniture and interior design industry with the latest and greatest combination of composite materials and digital fabrication. Through their patented manufacturing process, Wood-Skin is defining the next generation of surfaces.

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Nomade Editions | Germany

Nomade Editions is a DIY furniture label that enables anyone to customize, personalize and download designs to make yourself with the help of local CNC fabricators. Through their online configurator, people from all over the world can adopt sustainable manufacturing processes.

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B+N Industries | USA

B+N Industries designs and manufactures innovative and intelligently engineered solutions that create purposeful and beautiful places. Collaborations with their clients result in successful design-driven, brand-centric and meaningful individual and program-type projects.

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ABIYA | United Arab Emirates

ABIYA is modernizing the timeless art of Mashrabiya panels. With the power of laser cutters and masterful craftmanship, ABIYA offers elegant decorative panels for home & garden that tell a story.

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POTTERWARE adds a creative journey to the process of ceramics allowing anyone to bring their own personal touch to their own design. With POTTERWARE, there is no need to learn 3D modeling software, allowing anyone to design sculptural or functional pottery.

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Moveis Moveu | Brazil

Moveis Moveu is the first personalized furniture brand in Brazil. Through their online configurator, Moveis Moveu allows anyone to create truly unique and personal pieces that can be easily assembled, giving everyone a chance to add their personality to their furniture.

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ChipChop | Denmark

ChipChop's mission is to make furniture design easy and simple to use. Using the power of automated computer calculations and modern production tools, ChipChop enables anyone to design their own high-quality 15mm birch plywood furniture.

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Hello Creation | Belgium

Introducing clients to the world of 'digital woodworking', Hello Creation helps woodworking business owners fill their order books on autopilot using a savvy approach to get woodworking orders that few in the woodworking business world have access to.

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Newline | New Zealand

Newline creates showers with a contemporary minimalist design and a premium finish. Using technical innovation they revolutionize the process of shower design in homes by allowing users to personalize designs of 10mm glass shower doors that stand out from the rest.

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Faden Freund | Germany

Faden Freund offers a new perspective to the art of shopping for Sun Sails. Using a 3D Configurator, they are able to manufacture made-to-measure sun sails with high-quality and durable materials that perfectly fit any space.

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Living Bliss | Barbados

Modernizing the art of joinery from the island of Barbados, LivingBliss understands furniture is an emotional investment and offers selectively customizable furniture so that everyone may add their personal touch to their homes.

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Bee Home | Denmark

Bee Home is a project developed by Space10, the IKEA research and design lab. It's an open invitation for everyone to give bees the home they deserve, and to make sure that planet Earth thrives.

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| Architecture Engineering & Construction |

Aectual | Netherlands

Aectual's mission is to bring freedom of design & tailor-made architecture to everyone. Through modern technologies, they enable architects, designers, and companies to realize custom designs on demand, at any scale, in any building worldwide.

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Zahner | USA

Zahner has been devoted to the creation of exemplary architectural metalwork since 1897. Focusing on top-quality craftsmanship and unique, high-impact design, they offer pre-designed and pre-engineered metal products for projects large and small.

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Fast+Epp | Canada

An internationally recognized structural engineering firm, Fast+Epp creates practical, holistic structural design. Using their “Concept Lab” tool, they give architects the instruments they need to visualize their schemes at every stage of design.

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This is an image of Dampere.

Dampere | France

Dampere is a French manufacturer that offers custom metal panels for interior decoration and facade cladding. With this online configurator, they are able to meet the demands of communities, individuals, and professionals who wish to provide greater security, discretion and personalization of their exteriors.

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PHYSEE | Netherlands

PHYSEE develops sensory and solar technologies that help different structures achieve an energy-neutral environment without sacrificing the design. Their PHYSEEability tool uses ShapeDiver to asses projects.

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JustBuild | Australia

JustBuild Windows and Doors is a revolutionary online service offering Melbourne high-quality custom-made aluminum windows and sliding doors at competitive prices.

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interstate bricks.jpg

Interstate Brick | USA

Interstate Brick is one of the premier commercial brick manufacturers in the US. They offer a wide array of shapes, colors, and materials for any construction need. And now using their Structural Build Shape Builder, Insterstate Brick allows users to experiment through their vast product catalog through a 3D configurator.

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Arkitre | Norway

Arkitre combines the expertise of architects with technology to develop a new way to produce pillars in ceilings, walls, interior cladding, and more using high-quality materials.

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Chickadee ADU | USA

Chickadee ADU's mission is to help to increase housing density in cities without drastically changing the character of neighborhoods. Through their innovative approach to construction, anyone can design their own ADU in minutes, find a builder, and get construction done faster than ever before.

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Storetech | New Zealand

Storetech's mission is to make sure New Zealanders can be confident that their outdoor equipment and personal environment are secure and protected by offering the widest range of simple, modular shed and fencing solutions while adhering to integrity, loyalty, and faith.

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| eCommerce & Additive Manufacturing |

Nove25 | Italy

This Italian jeweler has brought a modern twist to the timeless history of Italian craftsmanship. The company has become the first brand to offer customers fully personalized jewelry.

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HESS | Switzerland

Since 1882, this Swiss company has established itself as a pioneer in bus construction in terms of design, quality and reliability. With this configurator, their clients can now configure the cabin of over 10 different transportation vans.

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Planen Planen | Germany

As part of the Vorhammer computational design collective, Planen Planen is revolutionizing the manufacturing process of trailer tarpaulins. In combination with CNC machines, Planen Planen leads the B2B tarpauling configurator space.

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Ministry of Snus | Denmark

Ministry of Snus makes the purchase of high-end tobacco an experience. Bringing passion to every step of the buyer's journey, Ministry of Snus is committed to providing personalized tobacco products made with expertise.

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Revelaire Jewelry | USA

Revelaire Jewelry is reinventing how we think about customized jewelry. Using an online parametric application, they are able to seamlessly create a customized jewelry piece that combines any two names into a single pendant.

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Indimise | Germany

Indimise uses 3D printing to allow users to create unique phone case designs. With their online configurator, anyone can easily create a high-quality and personalized smartphone case that is both stylish and accessible.

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YŪ by YOU | Germany

YŪ by YOU is a Germany-based company bringing art and technology together through the practice of personalized jewelry. Through their algorithm and 3D Configurator, users can create personalized and stylish jewelry pieces that are perfect for them.

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NOVOFLEX | Germany

Novoflex is a Germany-based company bent on the design of precise and high-quality products for photographers. Using the latest technology and photography expertise, Novoflex is able to produce a wide portfolio of accessories, including their personalized bellows lid configurator.

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WYVE | France

WYVE is shaping the future of surfboards by implementing parametric and 3D printing practices to the manufacturing process. WYVE's mission is to create high-performing and environmentally friendly surf products. Through their online configurator, users can create custom boards and fins that achieve technical and environmental excellence.

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Medaille24 | Germany

A project by derTaler group, Medaille 24 uses the power of parametric design and 3D configurations to manufacture personalized medals in a few steps. From gold to copper to brass, Medaille24's embossing plants handle a wide variety of materials for the best finish.

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WingHopper | USA

WingHopper uses the power of parametric design to create optimized Kiteboarding Hydrofoils. WingHopper can be used to create perfect CAD models of wing geometry, and export these models for construction or analysis in 3D model files or XFLR5 .xml for CFD analysis.

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Goldfish Boat | Norway

Goldfish boats are conceived and fabricated to balance optimal standards in design, performance, and operational ability. Using online configurators, Goldfish Boat offers customized boats that are conceived and fabricated to balance optimal standards in design, performance, and operational ability.

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nonplanar | Canada is contributing to the sustainable transition of 3D printing by allowing designers and manufacturers to create and export production-ready files for non-planar FDM/FFF printing with elongated nozzles. They are committed in the effort of sharing and expanding the practice of 3D printing with the world.

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Monomer | Germany

Monomer is the result of merging the world of CAD and 3D-Printing with masterful goldsmithing. Monomer uses high-tech software and top-notch craftsmanship to create unique, complex, and beautiful contemporary jewelry pieces from 925 sterling silver, 750 gold, or platinum.

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Viking Equipment | USA

Viking Equipment provides quality excavator equipment and services at affordable prices. Combining 3D printing with eCommerce, Viking Equipment allows companies to buy the right excavator for their needs.

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Xfeet Orthotics | France

Rethinking the production process of orthopedic insoles, Xfeet Orthotics allows podiatrists to develop 3D-printed soles customized to any foot.

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