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Rhino 6 System
Single Seat
Up to 10 Sec. Computation Time
Unlimited Public & Private Models
Augmented Reality
Forum Support
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Everything in Free, plus...
Rhino 6 & 7 Systems
iFrame Embedding
Import/Export Files
Scripted Components
Up to 1,000 Monthly Credits
7-Day Trial
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Everything in Designer, plus...
Up to 2 Seats Included
Direct Embedding
Viewer API
Up to 3,000 Monthly Credits
14-Day Trial
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Everything in Designer, plus...
Up to 5 Seats Included
Up to 30 Sec. Computation Time
Viewer & Backend APIs
Private Support
Up to 10,000 Monthly Credits
14-Day Trial
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Are you an early startup, a student or professor? You might qualify for a discount!

Our goal is to put ShapeDiver in as many capable hands as possible. If you're an early startup (5 employees or less), a student, or a professor, you might qualify for discounts (Designer Plus or Business plans) or extended trial periods.



Choose the right ShapeDiver plan according to the complexity of your Grasshopper files, monthly traffic on your website and the type of integration you prefer. Need help? Talk to our Sales team or read our step-by-step guide below.

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*Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is "Computation Time"?

Computing parameter requests for Grasshopper files takes time. The more complex a Grasshopper file is, the more computation time is required from our servers. Choose the right type of plan depending on your computation time requirements. We have more information on this topic here or contact our sales team to discuss the options available for you.

2. What is "Computation Priority"?

Our Free, Designer, Designer Plus, and Business plans are part of a shared server system. Before a computation process can start in our servers, a computation request is queued. Accounts with higher computation priority get access to more servers quicker, thus ensuring faster response times. This is particularly useful when having many simultaneous users during peak times.

Enterprise plans have private systems, so they do not share performance or server availability with other users. Therefore this doesn't apply to them.

3. What are "Credits"?

Credits are like tokens or coins. Each paid account comes with a predetermined number of credits that auto-renews every month. They are consumed every time specific tasks exclusive to paid users take place, such as starting sessions and triggering exports.

1 credit = 1 session or 1 export

  • - Session*: every time a model is loaded in a whitelisted website via an embedded viewer (iframe or directly embedded).

  • - Export: every time a model (via our platform or embedded) exports any file (pdf, stl, dxf, etc.).

* Each session lasts up to 10 minutes, during which unlimited parameter changes can happen. If the session exceeds 10 minutes, another credit is deducted for every 10 more minutes of usage. If a configurator is left unattended, we only count the previously active session(s) until the user comes back and starts using the configurator again. For more technical information on sessions, please visit our Help section.

4. How can I track my credits?

All paid plans include access to an Analytics Dashboard that allows monitoring daily, weekly, and monthly credit consumption on an account and per-model basis.

5. Can I purchase more credits?

Yes. If for any reason, you reach your monthly credit limit, you'll have the option to purchase additional 1,000 monthly credits for €39/month. For more information, don't hesitate to get in touch with sales.

6. Can I increase my available computation time?

Yes. We offer different plans depending on the amount of computation required by your Grasshopper models. Free, Designer and Designer Plus plans include up to 10 seconds. Designer and Designer Plus plans can be upgraded to up to 30 seconds for €150/month. Business plans already include up to 30 seconds and can be expanded to up to 60 seconds. Enterprise plans can be configured with custom computation times. Contact our sales team to learn more about these options.

7. What are "seats"?

A seat grants a single person access to a ShapeDiver account, upload models, edit, share them and generate embed codes.

Each plan includes a certain number of seats by default, but all paid ones can be expanded to include more seats and create an Organization. Read more about Organization here.

8. What does "support" mean exactly?

All ShapeDiver users have access to support and troubleshooting for topics related to our plugin, platform, and API. This includes bug reporting, clarifications regarding our help documentation or video tutorials, and feature requests. Depending on your type of plan, this support is provided by our team via our Forum, email, or video calls.

Please note that this service does not include optimization and/or debugging of your Grasshopper files, nor topics that extend beyond the direct application of our tools, such as your HTML/Javascript code, etc.

For inquiries regarding our private optimization and development services, please send us a contact request via our "Talk To Sales" button on our website.

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