ShapeDiver Case Studies [Ep.1] – Modifile’s CNC Strategy

November 14, 2018 by ShapeDiver

What happens when the right technology meets the right entrepreneurs? In this series we'll showcase the very best of ShapeDiver user cases. From Furniture and Jewelry, to Fashion and Architecture, learn how these visionaries are using our online parametric technology to offer something out of the ordinary.

We've talked about in two other occasions:

For this one we want to focus on their story: how this team of designers met each other, how they got started with their business and how ShapeDiver provides the right technology for their vision of CNC Furniture sold worldwide to be possible at all.

  • Name: Modifile (

  • Co-founders: Alessia Rosada (Italy) & Carlos Travaini (Argentina)

  • Industry: CNC Furniture / eCommerce

  • Country: Italy (Venice)

NOTE: This video includes English subtitles that can be activated directly in the YouTube viewer.

While CNC Manufacturing is nothing new or groundbreaking, the possibility of reducing the steps needed to take an idea from a sketch -> to Grasshopper -> to ShapeDiver -> to eCommerce -> to CNC production is key in order for Modifile to keep costs down.

Not only ShapeDiver allows Modifile to quickly share their CNC Furniture designs with anyone in the world via a web browser, but Grasshopper's key strengths provide robust tools for configuring and outputting files that can be fed directly to a CNC machine.

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