From Sketch To Prototype Using Rhino & Grasshopper!

October 15, 2018 by ShapeDiver

<<All artists have a unique creative process that they follow every time they design something new. Wanting to know more about this, last month we met with our good friends from and asked them if they could share their creative process with us. Here is how they do it.>>

NOTE: We've covered in the past, so if you haven't checked our previous post we recommend for you to do so.

About Carlos and Modifile

Carlos Travaini is the lead designer at He's an Argentinian that moved to Venice, Italy many years ago and is constantly busy alternating between private projects he gets hired for and his new website.

Intrigued by how he's able to mix all the elements that enable him to create all his fun and very original furniture pieces, I asked him for a favor: I wanted to get to know his creative process. Note that most of the times this is a very private process and many artists simply won't let you into that space, but Carlos was gracious enough to let our cameras in not only during the sketching portion but the entire process, from sketch to prototype production.

What You'll Learn Here

You'll learn how he uses Rhinoceros and Grasshopper to parameterize his sketches, and then cut everything using a CNC Cutting Machine. Without further ado, please enjoy this ShapeDiver exclusive video production:

Check Out The Parametric Model

It's no secret that on ShapeDiver we love Parametric Design, so for everyone that's curious about how this Grasshopper model actually works, you can check out the ShapeDiver model below:

That's it for today's blog post! What do you think? Does Parametric Design make the whole creative process simpler or more complicated? 

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Also, to learn more from Modifile and Carlos Travaini's original work, please visit or visit their Instagram page here.

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