Sell in 3D & AR with ShapeDiver & Shopify.

Integrating your ShapeDiver models into your Shopify store just got a lot easier!

Offer highly customizable products with dynamic pricing directly on your online store and let your clients fully explore them in 3D and AR. Then, let Shopify’s amazing tools assist you while you focus on growing your business.

With the power of parametric design, cloud computing, and eCommerce, the sky is the limit!

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The Plugin That Simplifies Everything

Built by our trusted external partner New Branch Ltd, this plugin is meant to cover most merchants' needs by eliminating the complexity of integrating dynamic 3D objects into Shopify.

Extend the backend of your Shopify store, add ShapeDiver models, and manage how they are displayed on your frontend.

IMPORTANT: A Designer Plus plan or above is needed for this plugin to work.

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5 Great Reasons To Choose Shopify

The perfect eCommerce platform that really has it all.


Reason 1: Website Building Tools (CMS & Hosting)

Using Shopify’s website builder, you can design your own website to sell your custom products. Shopify offers various sales channels, apps, and features that simplify this selling process. The best part? Shopify also takes care of hosting your website and keeping it safe.


Reason 2: Online Store Tools (Tracking, Shipping, Inventory...)

Shopify provides end-to-end tools to manage, track and ship products easily and conveniently. With its online store tools, not only managing your store feels seamless and stress-free, but Shopify also provides built-in tracking and analytics features that let you keep track of your online sales and progress over time.


Reason 3: Payments Tools (Multiple Gateways, Taxes...)

With Shopify’s shopping cart you can either accept payments directly or integrate with numerous payment gateways to accept credit cards from all over the world, so that your customers have a frictionless checkout process. Shopify also allows you to choose from a number of local currencies and even automatically handles country and state tax rates for you.


Reason 4: Affordable Price

Instead of spending time and tens of thousands of dollars in researching, connecting and hiring designers/developers to build everything from scratch, you could get started with all of Shopify tools immediately. Yes, all of it: website, CMS, hosting, storefront setup, inventory management, payment gateway, taxes and so much more.


Reason 5: ShapeDiver Integration

The best part? ShapeDiver can now be integrated right into your Shopify store.

That's right! Easily add highly customizable products and configure how they are displayed on your online store. Then let your users explore your product library in 3D and AR.

Once orders start coming in, ShapeDiver handles production data, while Shopify’s robust tools handle order management, shipping and tracking. A match made in heaven!

Success Stories

Several clients are already enjoying the benefits of ShapeDiver and Shopify.


NonExamples | Germany

NonExamples is a brand that focuses on iconic jewelry creations. They offer an online tool to design unique pieces with intuitive features such as style, size, shape, detail and material that can be fully customized.

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Cedar Nursery | United Kingdom

Established in 1986, Cedar Nursery offers a unique range of quality garden plants, outdoor furniture and a tailored range of stylish products to enhance your garden all year.

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Furmeture | Japan

Furmeture is a Japanese brand that leverages the power of ShapeDiver and the Shopify plugin to offer its customers the option of custom-made, elegant cabinets.

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Nomade Editions | Germany

Nomade Editions is a DIY furniture label that enables anyone to customize, personalize and download designs to make yourself with the help of local CNC fabricators. Through their online configurator, people from all over the world can adopt sustainable manufacturing processes.

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HomeShake | Singapore

More than 50 years since their first furniture workshop opened in Kampong Jalan Ubi, HomeShake recently started offering the possibility to custom-build your products via their new online configurators powered by ShapeDiver and Shopify.

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How Does The Shopify Integration Work?


Create A Grasshopper File

A digital twin of your product needs to be created using Grasshopper. This Digital Twin will contain all of the logic and variables that your product will be able to offer your end users, even including production files and/or technical drawings.

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Choose A ShapeDiver License

In order to offer your end users access to your Digital Twin, it has to be available online. Choose the right ShapeDiver license to upload, host and share your Grasshopper files online.

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Setup Your Shopify Store

Millions of the world's most successful brands trust Shopify to sell, ship and process payments anywhere. Create an ecommerce website backed by powerful tools that help you find customers, drive sales, and manage your day-to-day.

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Install The ShapeDiver Plugin For Shopify

With the help of one of our developers, install our ShapeDiver plugin on your Shopify store.

The plugin loads the ShapeDiver model and reads its metadata (e.g. parameters and exports). Then, it renders a custom user interface based on the model’s metadata and additional configurations (e.g. sections, swatch), which is used by the end user to customize the product.

All values, which are selected by the customer, are included in the checkout process, and then stored in Shopify. Later, when the order is processed, the GH model can be loaded with these values and can be used to export manufacturing files.

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