Frequently asked questions

Data safety

When you upload a Grasshopper definition file to ShapeDiver, it is stored securely on our servers, protected by state of the art security measures. Your Grasshopper definitions are not being encrypted since we have to access and process them whenever someone views and interacts with your model on ShapeDiver. However public access to the model file is completely prohibited. Therefore, while other users will be able to view individual instances of the geometry created by your model, the logic will remain hidden and protected from unauthorized access.

No, your Grasshopper models will not be available for download publicly. Your parametric Grasshopper model will be run on ShapeDiver's cloud servers, and will not directly be accessible by users of ShapeDiver who view your model. The output data of your Grasshopper model which you configured to be visible, will however be transferred to the browser of users viewing your model. Output data will not be directly accessible to users for other purposes than viewing. Our terms of service do not allow users to use this data for any other purpose than viewing the model.

Yes, you can delete a model which you previously uploaded. It will then be completely purged from our servers, including all related data.

Our terms of service state very clearly that any model you upload to ShapeDiver remains your intellectual property at all times and that ShapeDiver will of course not claim any kind of ownership of your models. We also specifically mention that other users, even though they may technically “create” new representations of your model by changing its parameters, will not be able to claim any kind of ownership of your model or an individual representation of it.

Creating and uploading models

While we could easily allow longer model computation times, and probably will do so in the near future, for the moment we deny such models for one main reason: user experience. Ideally your model computes in less than a second.

The VB.NET and C# scriptable components are amongst the most versatile and powerful tools available to designers in Grasshopper. Practically any code can be run inside these components. Therefore we are thoroughly checking any scripting code contained in uploaded models, to prevent significant security risks to our service. We carry out this checking process manually, hence the delay until your model containing scripting components can be confirmed. The better your code is commented, the faster we will be checking it!

We have not yet looked into the details of supporting these components. In general we strive to guarantee the best possible user experience, i.e. computation times which are predictable and low. Feel free to tell us your opinion, ideas, and how you would like to use iterative components on ShapeDiver.

For now, please make use of the VB.NET or C# scriptable components! Write to our forum if you don’t know how to do that.

Viewing models

Yes you can, simply make your model private.

There are two separate ways to influence how other users will see your model in the ShapeDiver viewer. You can define material settings for the individual geometric objects within Grasshopper, see this blog article for details. Settings like the background color, shadows or initial camera position can be configured directly on ShapeDiver by clicking on the “Edit” button on your model page.


We simply run parametric Grasshopper models in the cloud.

Yes! More information on our product page.

Operating the platform comes at a cost for us but we hope to keep ShapeDiver free for non commercial applications as long as possible, while providing a service of good quality with all the essential features.