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What is Shapediver?

June 16, 2016 by ShapeDiver


ShapeDiver is a web service for publishing parametric 3D data. It is run by ShapeDiver GmbH, a limited liability company registered in Vienna, Austria.

Alexander Schiftner, Mathias Höbinger and Mathieu Huard founded it back in 2015.

Our motivation is to bring parametric modeling to the web, and to make it smooth, convenient and exciting as an experience for both designers and viewers. We want to offer the flexibility of mass customization to every company, big or small, via a simple web browser.

Read more about our mission.

Our responsibility is to do it in a way that respects every designer’s needs and concerns, be it regarding intellectual property rights, data security, privacy or any other issue that concerns you when you think about the idea of uploading your precious work to the cloud.

Read more about how we protect your IP.

While you can rest assured that we have put a lot of effort into getting these things right, we are a young startup and we’re eager to learn about your expectations towards our service. So please be outspoken about your concerns, feel free to ask any question that bugs you on our forum, or send us an email. We aim to be just as open about our plans, ideas and development goals, so if you’re interested in where this is going we invite you to pass by this Diver’s Log from time to time.

And while we plan to discuss any major subject in plain english in either the FAQ or our Diver’s Log, please make sure you read and understand our Terms of Service – and, again, let us know if you have any questions about it.

Above all, enjoy ShapeDiver! Explore, experiment and test it in any way you can think of. Let your creativity run free and get inspired to do things with it that we couldn’t even imagine when we built the technology.

We’re really excited to see what happens next.

Happy diving!