ShapeDiver Spring '24 Update | Live Webinar

Join us on March 5th for a webinar hosted by our Head of Product, Mathieu Huard, and our Head of Projects, Edwin Hernández. Together, they’ll showcase the latest features added to the ShapeDiver platform, including full Rhino 8 support.

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Mathieu Huard, Head of Product, and Edwin Hernández, Head of Projects, will take you through a guided tour of the latest features added to the ShapeDiver platform, such as full support for Rhino 8.

This webinar is scheduled to last approximately 1 hour and is aimed at computational designers and/or business leaders wanting to learn more about the latest features on our platform.

For those interested in getting started with or upgrading their current ShapeDiver plan, we'll give away 10 discount coupons at the end of the presentation (before Q&A).

Webinar Overview

Date: Tuesday, March 5th, 2024.

Time: 8am Pacific Time, 11am Eastern Time, 5pm Central European Time.

Duration: approximately 1 hour, not including Q&A.



Part 1: Rhino 8 support and other new plugin features.

Part 2: New sharing, embedding and layout features on the platform.

Part 3: Advanced post-processing effects in the ShapeDiver viewer.

Part 4: Outro and special announcements.

Part 5: Q&A.

About ShapeDiver

ShapeDiver is an online platform that simplifies hosting and sharing Grasshopper files online. It provides the tools and scalable infrastructure to help users transform their library of Grasshopper files into powerful and shareable web applications.

With ShapeDiver, users can:

- Share the full power of their parametric design files with partners, clients, and other non-technical stakeholders wherever they are while protecting their IP.

- Create online applications that help automate sales, design, and manufacturing processes.

Meet Your Hosts

Mathieu Huard

Mathieu is the Head of Product, as well as one of the founders of ShapeDiver. He focuses on expanding the ShapeDiver product to cater to various industries leveraging parametric design in their workflows. In the context of the AEC industry, he helped push the collaboration and interoperability functionalities of ShapeDiver, such as bridging the online platform with various design software suites, including Autodesk Forma.

He holds a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics. Before founding ShapeDiver, he spent several years with the Vienna-based company Evolute, developing software and consulting for architects and engineering firms, all along gaining experience with building tools for Rhino and Grasshopper.

Edwin Hernández

Edwin Hernandez is Head of Projects and Senior Computational Designer at ShapeDiver. He studied Architecture at Andes University in Bogotá, Colombia, and Computer Animation at the SAE Institute in Melbourne, Australia.

While he was still studying, he began working as a "solopreneur" with clients in Australia and New Zealand. These clients provided projects that allowed him to gain experience in using BIM software, parametric design, and web coding. His experience enabled him to join the ShapeDiver team in Vienna, Austria in 2017. He has been responsible for managing multiple projects across more than 15 different industries. During this time, he has learned how to create highly optimized and complex parametric models using C#, custom plugins for Grasshopper, and cloud applications based on Grasshopper.

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