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ShapeDiver Plugin | Release Notes November 2019

November 25, 2019 by ShapeDiver

<< More export types, IFC support and a full glTF exporter for Rhino! All of these and more are available in the new version of the ShapeDiver plugin.>>

Plugin Update

At ShapeDiver, we're always making updates and improvements to the tools with which our users create great web applications for Rhino and Grasshopper. This time around, we've updated our plugin in order to include our newest set of features: glTF Exporter, GeometryGym integration and much more!

Download ShapeDiver Plugin v1.6

glTF Exporter For Rhino

In the past few years, glTF has become the standard format for displaying geometry online. glTF files load fast and are widely compatible with online 3D technologies. Several CAD software already support glTF export, but to this day, the format was not yet available in Rhino 6. 

McNeel might plan an official feature for exporting glTF files in the future, but ShapeDiver users already have growing needs for the format. It allows to easily generate beautiful scenes in product configurators. It is also optimal for managing a big collection of static assets that need to be loaded, deleted and replaced in a modular configurator. 

For these reasons, we have developed the first glTF exporter for Rhino, which is compatible both with version 5 and 6! It is built as a standard export plugin, therefore accessible through the Rhino Save and Export options. Just install the new plugin, the exporter comes with it! Check out this example model. Both glTF v1.0 and 2.0 are supported.

Of course, the exporter is fully compatible with your Grasshopper definitions, by means of the external geometry component. Read more about glTF export in the documentation.

GeometryGym Integration

GeometryGym outputs files in the IFC format, a standard used in the AEC industry.

Thanks to a joint effort with Jon Mirtschin, ShapeDiver now supports his amazing plugin GeometryGym. The plugin is popular with our AEC users for simplifying interoperability between Rhino+Grasshopper and other software packages used in the industry such as Revit and Archicad. Together with ShapeDiver’s online tools, GeometryGym opens up a way to innovative and powerful BIM workflows for the AEC industry.

As a sneak peek, check out the window model below, where one can export the full IFC family directly from the ShapeDiver model:

If you are interested in testing IFC integration in ShapeDiver, contact Jon for more details regarding licensing and limitations.

And More...

Here is a lightning round of the other updates that we are rolling out with this new plugin:

  • Support for the Dendro plugin: Dendro is a popular plugin for volumetric modelling in Grasshopper. Working with volumetric representations of geometrical shapes allows fast and precise operations such as solid booleans, smoothing, offsets and morphing. Download the plugin and check out an example model on ShapeDiver.

  • New export formats: the ShapeDiver export components now support one additional geometry format (OBJ) and three additional text-based formats (XML, JSON and of course IFC - see section above).

  • New helper component for extracting mesh UVs: a simple but crucial operation which is not natively available in Grasshopper.

  • Support for polyline JSON data output.

Download ShapeDiver Plugin v1.6

<< If you have feedback or suggestions, please reach out to us directly via our Forum: forum.shapediver.com where our developers will gladly assist you through any doubt you might have!>>