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ShapeDiver Now Supports Rhino 6 & Rhino For Mac!

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Blog > ShapeDiver News

ShapeDiver Now Supports Rhino 6 & Rhino For Mac!

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We’re happy to announce that starting TODAY you can finally upload definitions created with Rhino 6! This is easily the most requested feature we’ve received in the past months, so we’re more than happy to finally deliver on this. Read below to find out a bit more about our system’s new capabilities!

What’s new in Rhino 6?

Lots! And it comes with a new version of Grasshopper which itself has many new features. It has python scripting, new components (including the popular Make2D) and some multi-threaded components for increased performance. We will follow up with a post about the features that are especially interesting for ShapeDiver users, and how to best use them.

So how does it work with ShapeDiver?

In the simplest way: just keep uploading your models exactly like before! Only now your models can be created in Rhino 6. If you’re new to ShapeDiver, check this page so you can get informed of everything we offer.

What about Rhino for Mac?

ShapeDiver now also supports Rhino 5 for Mac! You can even download the ShapeDiver plugin for Mac and start uploading models right now. Rhino 6 for Mac is currently a WIP, once it graduates to the full version we will support it as well.

Can I still use Grasshopper in Rhino 5 for my ShapeDiver definitions?

Yes! For the most part, Grasshopper definitions created in Rhino 5 will be fully functional in Rhino 6 and on ShapeDiver. However, we did detect some minor breaking changes, so if you have trouble uploading Rhino 5 definitions please contact us via our new Forum and we will do our best to help you. But in general, it will work just fine. 

What happens to the existing models?

As mentioned above, we detected some small incompatibilities between Rhino 5 and Rhino 6, which is why all existing online models will keep running on the legacy platform, for the time being. As a result, no existing model will be affected by the update. 

In the next few weeks, we encourage all designers to re-upload their old models on ShapeDiver and check if they are fully functional. We will shut down the legacy platform next year, and transfer all existing models to the new one, but at the moment we can’t 100% guarantee that they will all behave as expected (though most of them will). Don’t worry, we will give proper notice before that happens.

Can I still use the same external plugins?

Yes, the list of plugins that ShapeDiver supports is not affected by the update. It keeps growing all the time, but as a reminder, these plugins below are the ones we currently support (along with Python and C# Scripting).

– Peacock (any version, each model gets approved case by case, so once you upload we manually review it and either approve it or not)

– PhylloMachine (same as above)

– FabTools (same as above)

– Weaverbird –

– MeshEdit –

– Exoskeleton2 –

– LunchBox – 2016.3.21.0

– 4D Noise –

– Plankton – 0.4.2

– Human – 1.1.0

– Jackalope –

– Clipper –

– Pufferfish –

– CurveOffsetTools –

– Engrave –