ShapeDiver 3D Viewer | Release Notes September 2019

September 17, 2019 by Mathieu Huard

The latest ShapeDiver release shines a new light on your models... literally! Read more about the new lighting settings, as well as other features, updates and bug fixes that we released this month.

New Features

  • [VIEWER] Advanced Lighting Settings

Starting with version 2.15.0, the ShapeDiver viewer finally includes a convenient and flexible way to add, remove and setup lights in the 3D scene. Several different types of lights are available, each coming with a full set of properties. Define color, intensity, the ability to cast shadows and more specific properties depending on the type of light.

Moreover, positioning the lights in the scene is now made very practical thanks to draggable elements directly in the viewer.

Demonstration of the new lighting interface

Once you reach a satisfying lighting scene, you can save it with the model under a specific name. You can even save multiple setups and find them back in the list of stored scenes later.

  • [API] Register Custom Components

This update concerns users who embed the viewer including the parameter widget (see the reference, section "Direct embedding - Including UI"). The API now lets you define custom components in the parameter widget. This features opens the doors to many exciting possibilities. For example, you can add new parameters and buttons with a callback to API functions or other external actions. You can even simply add sections with custom HTML, with links or descriptions of features.

Check out an API example with custom components

In the future, the ShapeDiver plugin will let you define custom components directly in Grasshopper, for even more flexibility. In particular, this will be a new way to add a layer of logic to the online interface, by creating parameters with dynamic ranges and values, and parameters that depend on each other.


  • [APP] Request PRO trial from the dashboard

  • [VIEWER] Improved caching of cube textures

  • [VIEWER] Tooltips explaining the viewer settings

  • [DOC] Extended documentation for the viewer settings

Bug Fixes

  • [VIEWER] Fixed an issue with the color picker sometimes not updating

  • [VIEWER] Fixed parameter validation for slider parameters

  • [VIEWER] Fixed the layout of the parameter widget for long parameter names

  • [VIEWER] Settings and control panel layout improvements in landscape mode

  • [VIEWER] Fixed parameter widget components not scaling correctly on mobile

Don't hesitate to give us feedback about new features and updates on the forum!

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