Peacock: Generative Jewelry made easy

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Peacock is a Grasshopper plugin that significantly lowers the bar for designers to create original jewelry designs. By supporting Peacock, ShapeDiver makes a big step towards the jewelry industry.

Peacock is both simple and exhaustive. It includes all the standard gems and cabochons, pre-designed and ready to be integrated in original models. In the same spirit, Peacock gets you started with several ring templates. Customize them in a few clicks with standard parameters, by using an original profile curve or unleash your craziest ideas and define the shape with completely custom curves.

The idea behind Peacock is to allow designers to focus on their own creative process, without having to reinvent the wheel for every new ring or earring.

The plugin also provides practical tools to get the designs production-ready. Fetch up-to-date market prices of the standard metals and the precise weight of a design. When you're ready, use the cost calculator to predict the cost of each jewelry piece. The component allows you to integrate multiple cost factors, from material to mold, foundry and prototype costs.

Last but not least, Peacock is entirely free! Download it here and get started with the sample files included with the plugin.

The ShapeDiver tip: for optimized ShapeDiver viewing, replace the Peacock preview components with ShapeDiver ones.

Do you already have designs using Peacock? Upload them on ShapeDiver and post them in comments below! We will feature them next month on our landing page.

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