Parametric Design For Cloud Applications | Advanced Grasshopper Workshop

April 17, 2020 by ShapeDiver

<< Originally, we were planning on doing this event as an in-person workshop directly at McNeel's HQs in sunny Barcelona, Spain... but apparently 2020 had other plans for the rest of us! After giving it a bit of thought, we decided that the show must go on so we pivoted to an online webinar which hopefully helps us maximize the reach of the content we want to share with everyone interested! >>

Join this 3-day online workshop (3x 90-min. sessions) guided by Edwin Hernández (Grasshopper specialist at ShapeDiver) and Mathieu Huard (ShapeDiver's Co-Founder & Head of Product) and learn how to prepare and optimise Grasshopper definitions for cloud applications!

Two available sessions: April 28th-30th and May 6th-8th. Links below!

Why Is This Relevant?

In the past few years, cloud features have taken a front seat within the CAD industry. The main actors (Dassault, Autodesk) are exploring cloud versions of their products, while other actors have appeared with native cloud technologies such as OnShape and Vectary. McNeel is developing a promising strategy with Rhino Compute and Rhino Inside, which makes Rhino a strong contender for CAD-based cloud applications.

There are more and more examples of parametric cloud applications, both in the AEC industry and big design firms who have the need to collaborate on an international scale. On the other hand, the online retail industry has also seen the rise of product configurators, which are evolving to include more flexible and powerful parametric choices for the consumers.

What You'll Learn In This 3-Day Online Workshop

As an introduction to this workshop, we'll give an overview of the cloud tools available within the Rhino+Grasshopper ecosystem (Rhino Compute, Speckle, Swarm, Trinckle, Emarf, Ghshot...). Then we'll identify common design challenges and strategies for all these types of applications:

  • Computational efficiency

  • Lightweight solutions

  • Data management

  • Maximizing automation

Our main goal is to master these design principles in Grasshopper, which means that we're targeting only experienced Grasshopper designers this time around (Don't worry! We'll do other type of webinars in the future aimed at different experience levels).

The participants will first go through the process of creating and uploading a simple definition to our ShapeDiver platform. This will work as a concrete example of how a cloud application based on Grasshopper gets started.

In parts 1-3 of the workshop, we'll provide advanced training for preparing and optimizing Grasshopper definitions for cloud applications. We'll make use of some popular tools of the Grasshopper ecosystem, such as Metahopper, Human, OpenNest, Squid, FabTools, among others as well as tools included in our ShapeDiver plugin.

In the last part, we'll go deeper into some fundamental use cases for cloud applications based on parametric definitions. We'll build examples using our ShapeDiver online platform, but will keep the focus on high-level implementation principles, which apply to any technology leveraging CAD files in the cloud.

Are You Interested in Joining Us?

Then head to our registration pages below:

- Session 1: April 28th-30th | 10am CEST (Update: This event is now full.)

- Session 2: May 6th-8th | 4pm CEST / 10am ET

Get Ready For Our Webinar!

Download the event's agenda, create a ShapeDiver account and download our Grasshopper plugin.

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