IntraLattice, Chimpanzee, Treesloth & Droid added to ShapeDiver!

May 31st, 2022 by ShapeDiver

ShapeDiver recently added support for 4 new Grasshopper plugins, bringing the total number of third-party plugins to 33. Learn more about how you can use them on our platform starting today by reading below.

All Supported Plugins

ShapeDiver is the leading online platform for hosting, publishing and sharing Grasshopper files on the web. Professionals from multiple industries such as Medical, Automotive, Furniture, AEC, Jewelry, among many others, use our services to create online applications based on their Grasshopper definitions. These applications can be used by non-technical people by simply accessing them via a web browser.

We are excited to announce that we recently added support for 4 new plugins on our ShapeDiver platform: IntraLattice, Chimpanzee, Treeslot and Droid. This brings the total number of supported third-party plugins to 33, which include among others popular names such as Pufferfish, Karamba3D, Kangaroo 2, OpenNest, Weaverbird and MeshTools. Click here if you'd like to see the complete list of supported plugins.


Intralattice is a plugin used to generate solid lattice structures within a design space. It was developed as an extensible, open-source alternative to current commercial solutions, such as Within.

As an ongoing project developed at McGill’s Additive Design & Manufacturing Laboratory (ADML), it has been a valuable research tool, serving as a platform for breakthroughs in multiscale design and optimization.

The generative process is split into 3 main modules, each of which has a selection of various components, for a total of 16 components.

  1. We first begin with a cell component, which will generate a unit cell. This unit cell is the basis for the lattice topology.

  2. The next stage involves a frame component, which will populate a design space with the unit cell, based on various parameters.

  3. The final stage involves a mesh component, which will convert the lattice wireframe (a list of curves) to a solid mesh, which can be 3D printed.



Chimpanzee is a Grasshopper plugin for Rhino 6, Rhino 7, Rhino 8 WIP and Rhino Mac written in C# which focuses on fractal math and chaos theory.

It contains currently 90 components including strange attractors, map & oscillators, 4D hyperchaotic systems, iterated function systems (IFS) a fractals like Mandelbrot set or Julia set using escape time algorithm.   



As a 3D CAD software suite, Rhino+Grasshopper is, at its core, a means to create, transform and manage data. Grasshopper’s explicit visual scripting interface structures these operations through the use of DataTrees.

Treesloth emerged as a series of tools applied in both professional and research practice to help better negotiate the the types of data relationships within (and between) Grasshopper definitions that enable more complex operations. Treesloth components don't have their own ribbon, but are instead distributed throughout the "Sets" ribbon.

Notable features include:

  1. Pack & Unpack Data Components: These allow for you to write and read a wide variety of data types to to DAT files.

  2. Propagate Ancestors:  Duplicates data from one data tree using the structure from a more mature data tree (with more path indices).

  3. Dynamic Path Filters: These support rapid path comparisons between data sets.

  4. Sorting by Branches: This allows for you to sort and renumber branches at the selected path index depth based on a selected value for the contents.

  5. Explode at Index: Like explode tree, except it explodes at the path index specified by the user.

  6. Clone Structure: A flexible way to rapidly assign data paths to flat lists.

  7. List Comparisons: Allows for comparisons between items in any list.



Droid is a 3D printing related Grasshopper plugin library add-on, with control over model slicing, custom paths and Gcode generation. Designed to be used from small desktop 3D Printers, up to large scale Robotic Fabricators using FFF technologies and running from Gcode.

Available to be used to prepare and print models in a 'Plug & Play' style with Droid components, or in a more controlled and experimental manner with Custom input and output print paths.

Droid allows control over conventional Slicing features such as infill, shell thickness and caps, within the Rhino and Grasshopper environment. In addition, output and editing of paths is also available once models are sliced into the Rhino and Grasshopper workspace, allowing full control and analysis to the user.
Custom or edited paths then can be input back into Droid for Gcode preparation and generation.


Would you like us to support another third-party plugin? Then send us a message in our Forum! We are constantly adding new tools that can help me ShapeDiver the most open and accessible platform for Grasshopper files.

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