Live Webinar: Introducing The New ShapeDiver Plugin!

May 3rd, 2022 by ShapeDiver

Join our Head of Projects, Edwin Hernández, and our Head of Marketing & Sales, Ezequiel Lopez, on this guided walkthrough of our new Grasshopper plugin and the new features we introduced with it.

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A few weeks ago, we officially introduced our completely redesigned ShapeDiver Platform 2.0 during a live webinar. As shown during that event, we not only released a brand new UI, but we also revamped our entire infrastructure including our Grasshopper plugin.

Precisely this will be the focus of our next live webinar, hosted by the McNeel Europe team over at their YouTube channel on May 12th, 2022 at 4pm CEST / 10am ET, 7:30pm IST.

This time, Edwin Hernández from ShapeDiver will provide a guided tour of all the new features recently introduced with the latest version of our Grasshopper plugin. From new import and export file formats, to our new attribute system and a plethora of new components.

Webinar Overview

Date: Thursday, May 12th, 2022

Time: 4pm CEST / 10am ET / 7:30pm IST

1. Welcoming & Introduction (5 min.)

2. The ShapeDiver Plugin (about 40 min.)

- Inputs: new import file formats

Rhino 7 brings completely new import file formats and we added all of them to ShapeDiver.

- Outputs: new export file formats

Same as with imports, there are also new export options with Rhino 7 and they are now available on ShapeDiver.

- Display: new material options and GLTF 2.0

Among the many updates, materials can now be exploded to extract information from them. The new GLTF 2.0 display component uses the standardized format so that the results can be used in any viewer, even local ones.

- Attributes: a new way of managing data

In the new plugin, every object manipulated in your definitions can be assigned one or several attributes. However, ShapeDiver attributes can take virtually any data type supported in Grasshopper: numbers, strings and colors, but also geometry can be used as attributes. This flexibility is reflected in the sdTF file format we use for transferring structured data between clients.

3. Q&A (about 15 min.)

To close this webinar, we’ll answer any questions derived from the information shared during the presentation.

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Just like on our last webinar, we can't wait to show everyone all of the new components and possibilities that our new plugin has to offer. To help everyone plan accordingly, we calculate that this event will consist of around 45 minutes of walkthrough and explanations, plus 15 minutes for Q&A purposes. For those who won't be able to attend, you need to worry not as the event will be recorded.

<< If you have any questions ahead of the event, please send us an email to or use the contact button at the top of our website.>>

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