Live Webinar: Go Beyond Grasshopper with ShapeDiver's API!

June 14th, 2022 by ShapeDiver

Join us in this live event and learn how our API can help you create amazing online applications by leveraging the power of web technologies and parametric design.

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By now, many members of the Grasshopper community know that if they need to share a Grasshopper model online, they can simply create a ShapeDiver account to do so. Our platform makes it extremely easy to drag and drop your Grasshopper file and create a web application that can be shared with non-technical clients or colleagues in just a few seconds.

Our system's standard UI and UX are more than enough for most simple use cases. But what happens when a product requires a more complex UX like clicking on a specific part of the model to trigger a particular action (animation, camera movement, hidden UI), dragging the object, and positioning it in a precise location on the canvas? What if the online application requires a specific UI that reflects certain design guidelines? Or to load multiple GH files on a single scene and view them all in AR?

Here is where our ShapeDiver API comes into play. By leveraging web technologies and the power of parametric design provided by Grasshopper, designers can build online applications at a level of complexity that would be very difficult to achieve using only web technologies.

This webinar aims to give a clear overview of what can be achieved if one uses a Grasshopper file and the ShapeDiver API. It’s meant as a non-technical introduction to the possibilities and complemented by brand-new technical documentation and actionable examples that should help you go from a complete beginner to an expert in a short period.

Does this sound interesting to you? Then read along and check out the exact content of this live event!

Webinar Overview

Date: Tuesday, June 28th, 2022

Time: 8am PT, 11am ET, 5pm CEST, 8:30pm IST

Duration: Approximately 90 minutes


Part 1: Getting Started: Embedding & Connecting!

- Estimated time: 10 min

You’ll learn how to embed a ShapeDiver model directly on your website and connect it to a custom user interface via our viewer API. We’ll also share an actionable example you can use with any of your models.

Part 2: Advanced Interactions 101: Clickable Elements!

- Estimated time: 10 min

We’ll show you how to use the 3D environment as part of the UI flow to improve your UX by making clickable elements that trigger specific actions, such as camera movements, animations, hidden UIs, etc.

Part 3: Divide & Conquer: Multiple Models, One Scene!

- Estimated time: 5 min

In Grasshopper, like in life, things can sometimes get messy and complex. Worry not! We’ll show how you can divide a highly complex Grasshopper model into smaller ones and load them into a single scene. This is a great way to distribute the logic in smaller chunks or build more complex workflows involving several definitions.

Part 4: Advanced Interactions 201: Dragging & Snapping!

- Estimated time: 10 min

Easy peasy so far? We hear you. In this section, we’ll show you how to have individual control over multiple models on a scene by making them draggable and automatically snap to other areas of the scene.

Part 5: It’s Alive: External GLTFs, complex animations & AR!

- Estimated time: 10 min

Add the cherry on top of the pie by creating a truly gorgeous experience: load external GLTFs, export your scene in different file formats and even view it in AR. Life’s great, isn’t it?

Part 6: Q&A

- Estimated time 30 to 45 min

The tables turn and now it's time for you to ask us questions! Do you have a special application we didn't cover? Would you like us to double-down on a specific topic? Let us know!



This non-technical webinar should give everyone considering building a complex 3D online application a good overview of the possibilities our platform can provide. Together with our lead developers, we’ll aim to give you all the insights and guidance you need to make an informed decision.

<< If you have any questions ahead of the event, please send us an email at or use the contact button at the top of our website.>>

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