Introducing: ShapeDiver Video Tutorials!

April 14, 2020 by ShapeDiver

Take a guided tour with our new ShapeDiver video tutorials. In these videos, we take things slow and explain step by step the how and why of every ShapeDiver functionality. Check out the first of many episodes down below and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you don't miss any new episodes!

We know, we know... This series of tutorials is long overdue. Many users have kindly requested a gentle introduction to ShapeDiver. Moreover, we agree that the ShapeDiver documentation, while exhaustive, can be hard to digest all at once.

Thankfully, the tutorials are finally here. Our first episode starts with an introduction to ShapeDiver for complete beginners. Are you still not sure how ShapeDiver works and how it can help you? Then it is a good place to get started!

Afterwards, the episode covers the main rules of ShapeDiver. Learn how to use the right preview and meshing settings and you will be good to go. Once you watch this episode, we guarantee that you can upload a definition in a few minutes!

If you are already familiar with the basics, check out the following ShapeDiver video tutorials. In the next episodes, we explore more advanced features and workflows. There are seven so far, and many more to come...

Explore the complete tutorial directly on YouTube.

If you have questions about any topic covered in the tutorials, then don't hesitate to ask on the forum. We are happy to help and any way to improve the tutorials is very welcome! Let us know as well if there are specific topics you would like to see covered in the tutorials.

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