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Getting to know...YŪ by YOU Jewelry!

July 19, 2021 by ShapeDiver

Today we interview Julius, Max, and Paul, the minds behind YŪ by YOU, an innovative German jewelry brand that uses computational design to turn any name into a unique wearable jewelry piece!

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Meet German jewelry company YŪ by YOU. They've created an algorithm that turns your name into a sculpture—a beautiful, unique form designed to fit around your finger or be worn as an amulet or pendant. Excited? So are we. Let's dive straight into the interview!

1. Welcome, Julius, Max, and Paul. Thank you for joining us today! Why don't we start with how YŪ by YOU began? How did you guys team up?

Sure! We met in Düsseldorf at the University of Applied Sciences. Julius was an undergraduate student, and Max was a teaching assistant. Back then, we met without the intention of founding a startup, but we always had that fire in us, honestly.

That eventually happened while Julius was working on a project for an architectural design studio taught by Max. Paul completed the team of three in late 2020.

2. So, what's the inspiration that drives YŪ by YOU? What sets you apart from other personalized jewelry brands?

As we were saying earlier, Julius participated in a design studio by Max whose topic was "storing knowledge" and rethinking it abstractly. As a preliminary design for the studio, Julius had already programmed an algorithm for creating structures from words. This started everything.

Among hundreds of jewelry brands, only a few use algorithms to help "design" their jewelry. But none uses an algorithm to translate words into unique jewelry shapes. We think that level of personalization sets us apart from other brands.

The journey from "your name" to "your jewelry".

3. Tell us more about this algorithmic concept for personalization and why is this so important to you?

Sure. The very first version of the algorithm was written in processing and not Grasshopper. Julius spent an entire semester abroad in the United States, where he gained enough knowledge of Grasshopper to develop the YŪ algorithm and design further. Funnily enough, the first fully functional Grasshopper script for the YŪ idea was programmed in Havana, Cuba. Haha!

Regarding personalization, We genuinely believe that every person is extraordinary in their way, and we want to give this uniqueness a voice and a form in our case.

The idea is to have unique jewelry for unique souls—no standardized pieces. The whole design is based on individual customization... your word, your jewelry.

4. Did you face any challenges in manufacturing them? Are you using the traditional jewelry making process for manufacturing?

A lot of them, honestly! But we pulled through. You see, as the algorithm creates complex and individual shapes, we use the latest technologies paired with traditional methods of jewelry making.

A combination of precise wax 3D printing and a lost wax process for precious metal (gold & silver) is used to create YŪ jewelry. Since YŪ is not a fast-fashion jewelry brand, each piece of jewelry is a one-of-a-kind creation. To enjoy your piece of jewelry for a long time, we take time for you and the crafting process.

Our claim is to think sustainably and work very carefully to offer our customers the best quality.

5. How have 'You'sers influenced /contributed to the final version of your products?

Greatly! After a few surveys with early Beta testers, we decided to simplify the UI for the algorithm. As for the materials and products, we are still in development, so there will be more in the future.

6. Before we wrap it up, what excites you all the most about the future?

The most exciting thing for us is how technology will influence future generations to create extraordinary concepts and solutions in different areas, from design to society.

Technology and curiosity influence and drive us to constantly develop new products in interaction with a community or each individual. We are at the cusp of a new revolution. And we hope to be the leader of it! YŪ by YOU.

7. Well, thank you very much for your time, guys. This has been an excellent overview!

We are more than delighted. Thank you for having us!


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