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Getting To Know… MediaLab Prado’s FabLab In Madrid!

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Blog > Getting to know...

Getting To Know… MediaLab Prado’s FabLab In Madrid!

ShapeDiverby ShapeDiver

>>Getting to know…<< is the place where ShapeDiver introduces game changers in the field of Parametric Design. During our blog series we’ll let great brands and projects do the talking and present their work, so sit back and enjoy!

In this edition we’ll get to know part of the team of Autofabricantes who develop several projects inside Medialab Prado’s FabLab in Madrid! This is the first of a three-part series involving everything related to the great projects they’ve been developing for children with motion disabilities.

– What is Medialab-Prado?

Medialab-Prado’s FabLab is a space to experiment with different digital fabrication tools and techniques.

In its current location, a former sawmill, Medialab-Prado has a dedicated space designed and equipped specifically for this, with laser cuttersCNC routers and 3D printers.

The FabLab assists different projects, activities and lines of work that need to use its facilities and machinery to build prototypes.

Groups like Interactivos, Mobiliario OpenSource, Autofabricantes and Grigri Pixel are among those that have benefited from the Fablab’s support to materialize their ideas.

– Who are Autofabricantes?

Autofabricantes was born as a research project within Medialab-Prado in 2015. They specialize in development and research projects related to prosthetic myoelectric and mechanical hands for children. The beginning of the investigation was born in Seville, with the project “Exando Una Mano“, which literally means, extending a hand.

The project then moved to Madrid inside the Prototype Laboratory of Medialab-Prado and with the collaboration and support of several foundations it has been able to develop many projects like the ones shown in this 4-minute video below. We hope you enjoy it!

We’ll be sharing the next part of this series very soon!


That’s it for our fourth edition of >>Getting to know..<< Don’t forget to follow our friends from Autofabricantes on their Instagram Page!

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