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Designers Corner [Ep. 3] – Javier M. Gaxiola

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Designers Corner [Ep. 3] – Javier M. Gaxiola

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Designers Corner is the place where ShapeDiver designers talk about their work. There is a story behind every model, and who better to tell the story than the designer himself? 

In our third episode we interview Javier M. Gaxiola founder of DimensionN, a Computational Design studio that specializes in the development of large scaled projects involving Parametric Design, Digital Manufacturing, 3D Printing, 3D Scanning, CNC Production among others.

His studio is based in Mexico, a country that in recent years has been steadily developing a great interest in everything related to Parametric Design.

– What attracted you the most when you were starting with Parametric Design?

Definitely the work from Marc Fornes and big architects like BIG, Norman Foster, who’s actually in charge of Mexico City’s new airport design, and obviously the late Zaha Hadid.

Mexico City’s new airport designed by Norman Foster:

– Which industries do you think are the most likely to benefit from Parametric Design in the near future?

Practically every industry that’s involved with any type of manufacturing can benefit. From my point of view, when properly applied, Parametric Design can drastically reduce rework while generating only the precise products that clients need. It’s a game-changer approach to anyone open enough to see it.

Javier’s Tequila Shot Glass (Mobile users please tilt your device)

– Tell us a bit about your Tequila/Mezcal Shot Glass, which was the most complicated part to develop?

I wanted to develop something that could be easily identified all over the world. I think Mexico equals to Tequila and Mezcal, and doing so in this Parametric way ensured that it could turn eyes all over the world.

The most complicated part was to keep in mind that I was developing a product meant for 3D Printing and for human use. Porcelain is one of the few printing materials that are food-safe and it needs to have a specific width in order to be printable, a clear difference when compared to other materials.

– What do you think of ShapeDiver?

I think it’s amazing that a platform like this exists. It shortens the distance between the designer and the end user. I find the Shapeways Bridge specially appealing since I no longer have to worry about the production (printing) or even the delivery of the product to my clients. This is clearly the way to democratizing design and customization.

– Which current Parametric Designer or Studio do you currently admire and why?

As mentioned, Marc Fornes’ Studio was one of the first ones that that used Parametric Modelling, also the work from was an amazing new approach to interaction on the web. I’ve also always loved the research and applications of Neri Oxman’s work.


That’s it for this third episode of Designers Corner. You can follow Javier’s work directly here on ShapeDiver or at his Instagram or Facebook pages.

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