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The logic of your models can only be defined within Grasshopper before you upload them to ShapeDiver, and through material settings within your Grasshopper definition you can also influence the way they look here on ShapeDiver.

For even more options such as the background color, initial view angle or the order of parameters in the control menu, you will be brought to the ShapeDiver Model Edit Page after you have uploaded a new model. If you want to adjust your settings later, you can access it from two places:

  • by clicking “Edit” on the regular model view page for one of your own models
  • by using the edit button on your My Models page

You can easily recognize that you’re on the Model Edit Page from the dashed frame surrounding the model view.
Now, there are two ways to adapt the experience of your viewers from within this page:

Adapting parameters

First, you can adjust how the model parameters are presented to your users. You can find the following three options as buttons right next to the names of our parameters in the ShapeDiver control widget:

Sort:  Use this icon to change the order in which the parameters are displayed in the control widget. Just drag and drop the individual parameters within the widget.

Hide:  Using this icon you can toggle whether a parameter will be shown to your viewers. Hidden parameters are blurred in the Model Edit Page.

Name:   ShapeDiver uses the names you give your input components in Grasshopper wherever possible, but for some component types setting them correctly can be a bit complicated or even impossible. Therefore you can use this icon to change the displayed name of your parameter to anything you want.

Adapting the viewer

Below your model parameters you will find another set of controls used to fine tune the appearance of your model on

Default Material Color: Here you can define the color used to display any geometry which has not been assigned a material within Grasshopper. You will see the objects change their color in the viewer immediately.

Edges: If turned on, this feature will display feature edges (currently those with angles larger than 15°) of your geometry as separate lines to emphasize them. You can set the color of these edges with the options below.

Edge color by object: If turned on (and edges are turned on as well), your objects feature edges will be displayed in the same color as the objects themselves. Since your objects typically use materials with some reflection or other effects and the edges are displayed matte, they will usually be clearly visible. If this option is turned off, edges will be displayed in a separate color defined below.

Edge color: Color in which all feature edges will be displayed if Edges are turned on and Edge color by object is turned off.

Shadows: Toggles the display of shadows for all objects. This is currently not yet working consistently as we are working to find ideal shadow settings.

GroundPlane: Toggles the display of a light grey ground plane.

Grid: Toggles the display of a grid on the x/y-Plane. The grid is adjusted to the model size.

Background color: Sets the background color of the viewer, including its transparency. The transparency is important for embedding the model on external websites since it will let shine through whatever is behind the ShapeDiver widget.

Point size: Lets you influence the size of point objects shown in the viewer. 

Top view: ShapeDiver is useful for 2D applications as well, e.g. for customizable patterns. This switch allows you to restrict the viewer to top view. 

Static controls: This switch allows you to influence how the parameter widget is displayed. When switched on, the parameter widget will be snapped to the right side of the viewer widget, while the viewer itself will become smaller. 

Field of view: Fine-grained control of the perspective view

If you run into any problems or questions regarding the model configuration process, or if you feel there are important features missing, please let us know via our forum!

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