Parametric Dreams (Ep. 2) - DreamBOOST: Scholarship for Design Students

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Parametric Dreams is a new space we've opened specifically for early entrepreneurs and students to share their stories and projects involving Parametric Design.  Every world-renowned designer was once a student and we believe every student dream deserves to be heard!

There's nothing more important during the early stages of being a student than feeling that you have all the support you'll ever need. Regardless if this support is merely moral or monetary, there's no doubt that one can always do more to help those in need.

For this reason, and as part of the effort to push Parametric Design to new boundaries, when DesignMorphine called us and pitched us the idea of creating a Scholarship specifically aimed at Design Students around the world, we immediately knew we wanted to be part of this effort.

DesignMorphine and their partners have been doing workshops, courses and lectures since 2014 in the fields of design, architecture and arts. We've talked about them before in our blog and even interviewed Pavlina, one of its co-founders.

There's no hiding the fact that at ShapeDiver we think very highly of what Parametric Design can bring to many industries. It's in its infancy and we feel responsible to help spread the word about this amazing branch of Design.

DreamBOOST consists of 2 scholarships worth 1200€ each for the 2018 period and it's open to all Design students around the world.


- April 29th, 2018: Scholarship application starts

- July 1st, 2018: Scholarship application deadline

- July 10th, 2018: Scholarship winners announced


Simply follow the instructions on this DesignMorphine's page!

Special thanks to DeCode FabLab and Botyo Dimitrov for joining our effort and collaborating for this year's offer. We  sincerely hope this Scholarship catches the attention of many more brands in the future in order to support even more students during the following years!


That's it for our second episode of Parametric Dreams!  Would you like to be featured in this space? Make sure to contact us! Just send an email to and tell us about your work!

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