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Designers Corner [Ep.2] – Daniel Abalde

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Designers Corner [Ep.2] – Daniel Abalde

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<<Designers Corner is the place where ShapeDiver designers talk about their work. There is a story behind every model, and who better to tell the story than the designer himself? Our second episode introduces Dani Abalde, a jewelry designer working with bio-inspired algorithms.>>

The Designer

Daniel Abalde is an artisan jeweler in training at the Escuela Atlantico in Vigo, Spain. But Daniel really considers himself an algorithmic designer. He is one of the few creators who both develop computational tools and later use these tools to create a design and eventually a product.

When he finished his jewelry degree, in 2014, he started to develop Peacock, the jewelry plugin for Grasshopper. Daniel: “I did this after noticing that the conventional jewelry software I was taught did not have the potential that Grasshopper has.”

Grasshopper plugins developed by Daniel.

Since then, the 26 year-old designer kept learning, while developing many other Grasshopper plugins like PhylloMachine and Brickbox. “I am passionate about bio-inspired algorithms” says Daniel, who also started to teach himself about artificial intelligence.

Daniel is the current Director of the Generative Jewelry Area at StudioSEED in Barcelona, Spain. “Our idea is to bring algorithmic jewelry to the jewelry sector. We offer technical services (optimize processes, automate custom production, improve profitability…), we develop custom tools or custom designs and we offer specialized training in Grasshopper and Peacock, in parametric and generative jewelry. We will soon launch our design brand as well”, Daniel says. “I’m really excited for what is to come!”

Ringpples is a parametric ring inspired by the propagation of concentric waves in water. Being an algorithmic designer, Daniel didn’t seek to only replicate the aesthetics of the waves, he replicated their physical behaviour. “I work in a functional way, simulating [nature]’s processes and adjusting them to my own style as a designer. There is no inspiration here, but creative requirements. I wanted to look for a nice and simple piece with an interesting parametric spectrum.”

Beyond his personal style, you sense Daniel’s respect for the untouched design of nature itself. “I have tried to leave it as accurate and organic as possible,” he says.

Parametric Models Online And The Future Of Jewelry Design

Daniel emphasizes the importance of displaying a full parametric spectrum, and not a static model, which he calls “just a result”. “Being able to share in the cloud a parametric design is fantastic! It makes the customer part of the design process.” Daniel believes that by allowing the customer to participate in the design process, an emotional link is created, resulting in more satisfaction for the product.

“I have no doubt that such technological developments are the present and the future, especially for jewelry”. In additional to the customer experience, Daniel evokes the potential of this data mine that allows to better understand the taste of the customers. “It benefits everyone”. 

However Daniel believes cloud-based parametric design is only a piece of the puzzle that makes up the fourth industrial revolution, along with algorithmic design, 3d printing and many more new technologies and paradigms.

“Allowing a designer to sell their parametric designs on their own website via an iframe, where the customer can rotate and modify it, is currently creating an advantage over competitors. For now, it is only in the hands of algorithmic designers, but the enormous amount of benefits it brings makes me think that relatively soon these types of technologies will become very popular.”

Peacock will be available soon on ShapeDiver, as well as many other plugins! Follow our newsletter to stay updated.